RECARBON has developed functional approach for manufacturing both prepregs and thermoplastic intermediate products from rCFs

Organosheets (OS)

RECARBON’s OS consists of rCF nonwoven mats commingled with thermoplastics fibres processed to produce flat panels of various thickness and width.

Planned matrices range goes from polyamides and polypropylenes to high performance plastics like PPS, PEI and PEEK, according to customers needs.


  • Can be stored at room temperature, have almost unlimited shelf life
  • Can be processed quickly and cost effectively (no autoclave)


Prepregs are fibre-reinforced matrices that cure under heat and pressure to form exceptionally strong yet lightweight components.

RECARBON’s prepregs make use of rCF mats and chopped rCF fibers.


  • Wide range of epoxy based thermosetting matrices
  • Good drapability and uniform impregnation even with high areal weight products
  • Processed either in a vacuum bag or autoclave

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