Research and Development

RECARBON continuously invests in research and development to keep the highest standards.

RECARBON most immediate priority is to test and prototype rCF OS and Prepregs for extended sector and product applications, including marine, leisure, civil applications and automotive. Opportunities will also be explored in relation to CCUS applications.

RECARBON intends to profit from recent developments in automated thermoplastic part manufacturing. This opens up opportunities for a new generation of cost efficient intermediate products that can be processed quickly and reliably.

Current revolution in composites manufacturing combines with new strands of R&D for using biobased plastics and resins. New opportunities are also offered by 2D materials such as graphene.

Bio Based Plastics & Resins

Bioderived natural fibres (flax, hemp, jute)
Bioderived resins (BFA)

Primary Recycling

Chemical based process
Mild temperatures and batch process
Fluid beds

Smart Composite Manufacturing

3D printing ATL/AFP CCM
Induction heating Infrared/microwave heating

Extended Product Applications

Motorsport and aftermarket parts Boats
Wind Turbines
High end Home Structures (doors and panels) Gas Diffusion Layers for fuel cells
Industrial Filters

2D Materials

Graphene Enhanced Composites
Carbon NanoTubes

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