Our mission is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the industrial re-use of carbon fibres and other advanced materials

Management of waste from carbon fibres is becoming a significant societal issue

For decades, the most popular disposal methods were landfilling and incineration. Significant economic losses were incurred from not recovered fibers. These methods have led to increasing environmental awareness to recycle carbon fibers into a valuable resource and prevent the cumulating wastes.

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Currently the focus is on manufacturing wastes (prepreg offcuts, obsolete moulds, faulty parts, etc).

However, given the ever increasing utilization of carbon fibres in various industry applications,

End-of-Life wastes are expected to exceed manufacturing wastes by 500%

RECARBON offers ready to use intermediate materials

Prepregs, cores and organo-sheets targeted at high performance applications in the aircrafts, sport & leisure, industrial and automotive sectors.

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